What to expect

what to expect

At Remodel Guys, we desire for the entire remodeling experience to be a positive one for you and your wallet.  With that in mind, here are six (6) things you can expect while entrusting us with your upcoming remodeling project:


  1. A FAIR PRICE: Because we do not have the overhead that many of our competitors have (big offices, warehouses, fleet of trucks, etc), we are able to keep our prices very modest and affordable.

  2. COMMUNICATION: You can expect clear communication through the entire process.    There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach your contractor or have a call answered in a timely manner.   We are accessible and available, especially while your project is in process.

  3. INTEGRITY: We are men of character and run this company with integrity.   If we say we are going to do something, we do it.   Too many people in this industry renig on their commitments ultimately hurting the project, relationship with the client and industry as a whole.

  4. PROFESSIONALISM:  We treat you, your project and home with professionalism and respect at all times.

  5. A QUALITY PRODUCT: It's one thing to install a new window.   It's another thing to make sure it never leaks.   At the end of your project, you can expect a quality product installed or remodeled with care.

  6. A TIMELY FINISH.   Contractors are notorious for taking days or weeks longer than they should to finish a project.  At Remodel Guys, we give each client our undivided attention and see to it that every project is finished in a timely manner.